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"Absolutely one of the best devotional books I've read in a long time. I actually connected with the entire book. It's like when I opened up to each devotion, the words on the pages were speaking directly to me. Through that, so much growth and confirmation came. I would recommend this book to anyone to read. It's so in-depth that it brings the knowledge of spiritual warfare forth. From wisdom to perseverance, to closeness with God. It's something I wouldn't want to miss!" - T.M.

"One thing to know about me is although I like devotionals, I prefer to recommend that people get into their Bible to read things for themselves. This is a rare jewel that I highly recommend! It is easy reading, but full of excellent biblical content. Jennifer has a gift for pulling from scriptures to bring her reader to not only a point of understanding and introspection but also a hope for change and growth. This book is high on my gift-giving and recommendation lists!" - S.W.

"Wow, what a challenge, not only has it freed my mind from being stuck in the past but it transformed my thought process to aligning everything through the word of God and allowing Him to heal my emotions and my mind." - S.S.

"I used to think if you have seen one devotional, you have seen them all. Most are random thoughts that, although are enlightening at times, don't always seem to apply to my life situations. I guess, they seem to deal in general terms more so than getting to the root and solution. I have often lost interest and stopped reading about day five. Not the case with "Unstuck". As a matter of fact, each day kinda built on the last - reassuring and reaffirming God's never-ending, all-consuming love for me.

I, personally, have experienced a tragic loss last year and, a crushing heartbreak at the beginning of this year. I can't help but think God gifted me this opportunity to read this book for this particular time in my life. Grief comes in a lot of forms and my life has been saturated over the past few years. This book was exactly what I needed to help me stay unstuck. I love the Lord and He has walked me through it all but, I sure did need this perspective to anchor me even more in His perfect plan for my life.

Do yourself a favor and dive the book!
If you need to be encouraged, need a push, or a tug, stretch out your hand...healing, help, confirmation, and encouragement are within the pages." - A.W.


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