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Husbands, Step Up Your Game: Lead. Love. Build. Fight. 

"Can’t say enough great things about this book! It will be a definite game changer for men! You can’t get through the first chapter and not realize that this is a Godsend! God bless you, Gary and Jennifer. Wonderful devotional for husbands, soon to be husbands, and wannabe husbands." - G.A.


"Gary and Jennifer deliver just what men need to hear today. In a time where the role of men, the husband, the father has been diminished to insignificance, men must recapture their God-given roles before it’s too late. Husbands, Step Up Your Game helps do just that by guiding men through the process of rediscovering the purpose God has for them." - N.K.


"If you are a husband and father and are interested in being the best you can be at those two most important things in life, then this book is a must. Well written and easy to read, this book was a pleasure. Thanks, Gary for enriching my marriage and reminding me of my role as a husband and man of God." - M.M.


"A tremendous book for such a time as this! At a time when men are struggling with their identity, Gary and Jennifer give a clear and concise, biblical outline of the kind of husband, father, and man God intends for us to be. As a man who has been deeply involved in the ministry of growing men to be all they can be for God and who has been faithfully married to my wife for 31 years, I thought I was doing a pretty good job as a husband. Through Gary and Jennifer, God used this book to point out areas where I still need a lot of work! Thank you for following God’s heart in writing this book. I strongly recommend all men, married or not, to read this book. It will challenge you, but you’ll be better for it." - R.T.


"Wow, Gary and Jennifer! I guess I’m at a point in my 40’s now where I have lost my vision and almost my trust in everything...sometimes even the Lord. It may be some sort of mid-life realization that things are now passing me at lightning speed and it’s so hard to keep up. Yet, so far these devotionals are speaking to me in a profound way and rekindling a lot of what I currently need in my life. Thank you for providing this opportunity to has been wonderful so far and I am motivated to continue each day." - R.


"This is a awesome book and the part that I love was I AM A SERVANT LEADER. We as men think that our wife must serve us but actually, that’s not what God instructed, we must be servants to our wife and family, cover protect and provide for them. Im excited to finish reading it." - D.S. 


"If you are married and you want to learn how to love your wife more and be the leader in your home. This book will truly bless you. It has chapters like being a servant leader and being a visionary leader for your household. This book has truly blessed me and I am striving to be the best man that God wants me to be and truly the right way. Thank you, Pastor Gary Rash and Jennifer Pollaro Rash for listening to the holy spirit." - R.J. 


"The book is very thorough , my favorite chapter is Day 7. Husbands are challenged to consider their wives as a gift and special treasure." - B.C.


"This book/devotional has helped rekindle a passion for me that has been lacking for a while. Lately, my life has been simply going through the motions; yet, the straightforward easy to read and understand statements, stories, and biblical references have opened my eyes to things that are currently lacking in my walk and mindset as it pertains to marriage. The information is spot on and applicable for anyone at any stage of their marriage. I have known Jennifer and Gary for a long time and they were leaders and mentors of mine in my youth. Glad to see them still seeking God first in their lives and marriage, and still sowing into the lives of others...true leaders and examples of Christ!" - R.W.


"The book is very comprehensive. It covers all areas of behavior teaching for husbands I can think of. A very easy read that any man can relate to, young or old." - M.B.


"Already talking to others about it and going to have a local guys devotional with this book! I highly encourage others to check it out! You will not be disappointed." - R.W.


"I have just completed the book. What a splendid and a great companion book. Gems in every chapter. I took note and will definitely use it as a daily study guide. Great work and Well Done! Chapter 31 is a great summarizing chapter, and personally, I will use it as a must read because it is a great check list for your daily walk and progress as a Christian.

I have learned a lot from the concepts in the book. It has inspired me to be better, a call to action, to be more hopeful, to be a better man, a better Husband, Father, Brother, Leader etc and you were definitely inspired by God to write it and was lead by the Holy Spirit. Thank You!" - D.S. 

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