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“I purchased Jennifer’s book at a Ladies Conference we were both attending with the intention of reading it solely for myself. As I began to flip through it and read the first chapter, I knew this would be a book that all of the women of my congregation could gain wisdom from. We began our study with some very excited wives and some who were hesitant. It was amazing to watch the transformation of some of these wives. They loved their husbands dearly, but really struggled with the “submission thing” and freely expressed that. As each week progressed, I began to see these women come to a biblical understanding of “submission”; I began to see hearts soften and attitudes change. The fingers that were pointing at the beginning gave away to hearts that were open for God to change them. No longer were they looking at their husband’s faults and wrongs, but were allowing God to change them and their attitudes and in doing so, He changed marriages. This is a book that not only ministers to the hearts of married women, but singles as well. It is a beautiful book that reminds us that God created marriage and it is a beautiful thing.”

- Pastor Lisa Parfitt, New Beginnings Church, Pacolet SC


“What an amazing time we had tonight at our last Proverbs 31 gathering! It is the beginning of great things. I just want to personally thank Jennifer Rash for her obedience in writing this book, The Path to Becoming a Proverbs 31 wife. Many women are being affected in a positive way when they apply her book to their lives. They are becoming that wife that God has intended them to be one day at a time. I want to encourage the women that do not have this book, please get it. All wives need to read this book. It will impact your marriage greatly.” – Christy Desor, Co-Pastor and Women’s Ministry Director, New Life Deliverance Worship Center, Spartanburg, SC

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