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Book Description: Husbands Step Up Your Game

Husbands Step Up Your Game: Lead. Love. Build. Fight. is a clarion call to men to get into a position to not only succeed in their marriages and homes but to receive the full blessings and favor of God upon their lives. In this 31-day devotional book, you will find short, easy to read and easy to follow devotionals that are power packed with straight-forward, biblically based messages that will resonate with where you walk daily. You will gain a better understanding than ever before of just how significant and far-reaching your role truly is. This men’s devotional book is filled with practical “how to’s” rather than “you should’s.” Gary and Jennifer Rash pull no punches as they communicate hard, solid truths. They do, however, communicate them in a way that encourages, refocuses, and empowers you. You will be left with the confidence that you can and will be everything God has purposed for you to be as a husband and leader of your family. If you want to embark on a 31-day personal growth journey that will transform your marriage and your life, this book is for you. Here are the tools and building blocks you are looking for to build a solid, loving, healthy marriage that thrives; the kind of marriage that lasts and the kind of marriage that you deserve. Husbands, Step Up Your Game! Lead. Love. Build. Fight. 


"Gary and Jennifer Rash are well suited to write this book. Countless marriages have been reclaimed, revitalized, and restored as a testament to the grace on their lives in this area. As Bishop to more than 30 churches and 3 schools in 7 countries, I see the trauma and cost in lives daily when the husband refuses to step up and walk in his role. This book will help and is a must-have. Pastors and Leaders, I encourage you to share this book with your men. For all of you Men, I feel this book should be a daily companion with your Bible." - Dr. Byron Corbitt 

"Never in my lifetime has Christian manhood, marriage, and family been in greater need of biblical and practical models for men to fulfill their God-given roles of husbands and fathers. The current crisis is the result of significant negative cultural shifts, from undefined or redefined roles for men, which are unbiblical and unhealthy. 

Gary and Jennifer have captured and conveyed clearly, the true biblical picture of a godly,
growing man who is fulfilling his roles as a husband by leading, loving, building, and fighting for the marriage and family God has designed for all of us. 

Men, read this book and you will be challenged, encouraged, and empowered to become everything God created you to be when He declared: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness...male and female He created them. Then God blessed them.” – Dr. Paul Gaehring, former President of Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International 

What makes this men's devotional different from others: "The book Husbands Step Up Your Game: Lead. Love. Build. Fight. does what so many books fail to: It ministers to you the practical “How To." It does not scream at you about every place where you have missed it and then leave you hanging. It helps you to get a Vision for Transformation lovingly helping you to build a personal roadmap for your life and family." - Dr. Byron Corbitt

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