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The Path to Becoming a Proverbs 31 Wife: Walking in Your God-given Role is a 31-day devotional book for wives. This book will take you on a growth journey as you commit your marriage to the Lord. It is a book for women who desire that their marriage be more than one that merely survives, but become a marriage that absolutely thrives. Each page will help you come into a full realization of just how significant a wife’s role really is. You are a rare beauty, one of a kind, truly special and entirely significant. You are an answer and a gift. Come, build your marriage. Build  your man. Build your home. Place your feet on a fresh new path, God’s path. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to just be a common wife with a common love and a common marriage. I want more! “Show me the right path, Oh Lord; point out the road for me to follow.” – Proverbs 25:4


What Other’s are Saying About the Book

“First of all, I want you to know how much I absolutely LOVED this devotional. It touched my heart in so many ways that I can’t even begin to describe it. I applaud you for the beauty of this book, the simple truth and wisdom you convey without bludgeoning your reader with “you ought to…”  I find that people who write on this topic go one of two ways — in a very rules-oriented direction of  “oughts” or in a loving enticement to their women readers as you have done. It’s simply a beautiful book and I can’t wait until it’s in print to buy a copy!”  – Hanne Moon, Editor, Heritage Press Publications


“Over the years I’ve read quite a few studies on Proverbs 31.  As a wife of 22 years, I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed in marriage by my desire to “do good” for my husband.  Jennifer has written a fresh approach to these holy scriptures. You will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired through her vivid stories as you read each day’s devotion. She is so relatable in each chapter that you find yourself cheering you both on as you read.  One thing is for sure. We cannot live out our marriages as status quo. We all have room to change and grow. “The Path to Becoming a   Proverbs 31 Wife” will do just that -Inspire you to change, to grow and to become the wife God has designed you to be.”                        – Cherie Zack, District Women’s Director for the South Carolina District Council of the Assemblies of God and founder of The Imperfect Wives  Ministry                                                                        


“Unfortunately, in today’s society there has been an avalanche of brides who no longer take their marriage vows seriously. They love their husbands as long as they have all their wants and needs provided for. They grow tired of comforting and keeping them. They forsake their marriage responsibilities for people, places and things. They threw for as long as they both shall live out the window and substituted it for as long as it feels good.  I thank God that Jennifer has been inspired to write this devotional. It is bringing us back to the basics – back to how God intended marriage to be.”

“There is no marital status really requirement to read this book. It doesn’t matter whether you are single, married, separated or divorce. Every person needs to read and receive the message that is placed before you. I am grateful that Jennifer had the courage to remind us of what a marriage is all about. Might I be so bold to suggest you grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, buckle up because it all began the moment you said, ‘I do.’                                                                                                                                       – Sheri Powell, Christian author and founder of Pausing with God Ministries


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Many Women’s Ministry leaders are using The Path to Becoming a Proverbs 31 Wife, as a group study in their ladies’ meetings. Here is a leader’s guide to help facilitate those meetings. This guide is packed with encouragement, lesson plans and discussion questions, as well as planning calendars, assignments, challenges and prayers. If you or someone you know is considering using these materials in their women’s meetings, you should know that many great testimonies are being shared of how God is transforming hearts and marriages through this study! 




What Other Leaders are Saying              

“I purchased Jennifer’s book at a Ladies Conference we were both attending with the intention of reading it solely for myself. As I began to flip through it and read the first chapter, I knew this would be a book that all of the women of my congregation could gain wisdom from. We began our study with some very excited wives and some who were hesitant. It was amazing to watch the transformation of some of these wives. They loved their husbands dearly, but really struggled with the “submission thing” and freely expressed that. As each week progressed, I began to see these women come to a biblical understanding of “submission”; I began to see hearts soften and attitudes change. The fingers that were pointing at the beginning gave away to hearts that were open for God to change them. No longer were they looking at their husband’s faults and wrongs, but were allowing God to change them and their attitudes and in doing so, He changed marriages. This is a book that not only ministers to the hearts of married women, but singles as well. It is a beautiful book that reminds us that God created marriage and it is a beautiful thing.” – Pastor Lisa Parfitt, New Beginnings Church, Pacolet SC
“What an amazing time we had tonight at our last Proverbs 31 gathering! It is the beginning of great things. I just want to personally thank Jennifer Rash for her obedience in writing this book, The Path to Becoming a Proverbs 31 wife. Many women are being affected in a positive way when they apply her book to their lives. They are becoming that wife that God has intended them to be one day at a time. I want to encourage the women that do not have this book, please get it. All wives need to read this book. It will impact your marriage greatly.” – Christy Desor, Co-Pastor and Women’s Ministry Director, New Life Deliverance Worship Center, Spartanburg, SC